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The Checkered Flag Porsche Team

Our competent team will be delighted to provide you with advice and assistance

Ed  Klima

Ed Klima | General Manager

Ed has been with the Checkered Flag family since 2001. He has managed multiple different departments within the dealership, and previously spent numerous years as the Porsche sales and leasing specialist. A long-time Virginia Beach Oceanfront resident, he decided to give the automotive industry a try after graduating from Randolph Macon College. The rest is history. As much as Ed loves anything with an internal combustion engine and four wheels, all who know him understands he has “drank more than enough of the PORSCHE Kool-Aid”

Phone: 757.490.1111 Ext. 5464 • Email:

Dan Deir

Dan Deir | Porsche Brand Manager

Phone: 757.490.1111 Ext. 5470 • Email:

Barry  Cate

Barry Cate | Brand Ambassador

Barry has been with Checkered Flag Porsche since 2008. He was born in Virginia Beach when his father was stationed at NAS Oceana as a Fighter Pilot. After a Career with IBM, and as a business owner in the office equipment industry, Barry decided he likes cars and motorcycles more. As a lifelong Porsche fan, sports car guy, and serious motorcycle enthusiast, Barry started selling cars independently. He did not hesitate when the opportunity to be involved with the Porsche brand presented itself. Barry owns multiple Carreras, along with several other performance cars and motorcycles. He is a PCA member and acts as a liaison to the local charter, The First Settler’s Region.

Phone: 757.490.1111 Ext. 5513 • Email:

Ron  Terpilowski

Ron Terpilowski | Brand Ambassador

Ron relocated to Virginia Beach and Checkered Flag Porsche in early 2013 after nearly nine years selling Porsche and Audi in Charlottesville, VA. He was born and raised in western Pennsylvania. After serving in the United States Marine Corps, he moved into automotive sales in 1998. Before becoming involved with Porsche, Ron looked at automotive sales as a job. Now it is an enthusiasm in performance vehicles and motorsports, and trying to help new owners develop the same. He even gave his Golden Retriever the name Cayenne.

Phone: 757.490.1111 Ext. 5466 • Email:

Gary Copeland

Gary Copeland | Brand Ambassador

Gary re-joined the Checkered Flag family in February of 2018, bringing with him over 30 years of European automobile sales experience.

A Tidewater native, Gary attended Old Dominion University and is an avid runner and water sports enthusiast. He loves spending time on his boat, watching sunsets with his girlfriend and 3 three rescue dogs.


Tessa Schneider

Tessa Schneider | Service Manager

Tessa has been with Checkered Flag since 1999, and began working with the Porsche brand in 2014.  Her favorite Porsche, if she had to narrow it down to only one, would be the 911, a real classic.  She is a graduate of the University of South Carolina and still cheers for the Gamecocks.  Outside of work she enjoys family activities with her fiancé and their 4 combined children.

Phone: 757.490.1111 Ext. 5789 • Email:

Phillipe  Liedl

Phillipe Liedl | Assistant Service Manager

Phillipe has been with Checkered Flag since 1993, and has been with the Porsche team since 2011. He is Brand Ambassador Certified and his favorite Porsche is the 968 convertible. He loves the look of the 968 and believes it was way ahead of its time when came out. In his free time, Phillipe enjoys body boarding, ad spending time with his wife and daughter.

Phone: 757.490.1111 Ext. 5483 • Email:

Joe Finkle

Joe Finkle | Certified Gold Meister & Classic Porsche Technician

Joe joined us from Connecticut in 2015 and brings with him over 10 years of experience. He got his start working on Formula cars in 2004. In 2006, he joined BMW and worked his way up to Master Tech/Motorsport Specialist. In 2012, he made the switch to Porsche and has never looked back. He is currently our Certified Gold Meister and Porsche Classic Technician, and owns a Carrera himself. When he is not wrenching on cars, you'll find him hanging out with the local PCA club, playing soccer, enjoying the oceanfront, and watching Formula 1.

Phone: 757.490.1111 • Email:

Michael Britton

Michael Britton | Certified Bronze Porsche Technician

Michael has worked on automobiles most of his adult life, and has been with Checkered Flag since October of 2016. He attended Kutztown University of Pennsylvanie for secondary education in 2009, but soon realized his passion was working on automobiles. He then attended Universal Technical Institute with Ford Fact credentials, and then went on to attend the Porsche Training Apprenticeship program. He has a love for all foreign cars, especially the fine machinery you find in every Porsche model.

Phone: 757.490.1111 • Email:

Matthew Weibley

Matthew Weibley | Porsche Technician

Matt has been with Checkered Flag for over 5 years as a BMW master technician and we are thrilled that he joined the Porsche team in 2018. He brings with him 15 years of experience as a technician. In his free time he enjoys spending time with his family, playing with Legos, Hot Wheels (his favorites being the Porsches naturally,) and watching Star Wars. His son will forever keep him a kid at heart.  His current favorite Porsche is the 964.

Phone: 757.490.1111 • Email:

Geoffry Ringersma

Geoffry Ringersma | Porsche Technician

Phone: 757.490.1111 • Email:

Stephanie  Wilson

Stephanie Wilson | Certified Parts Manager

Stephanie has been with the Checkered Flag Family for 26 years. She worked in retail for a few years after college. She returned to the Hampton Roads Area from Louisiana to begin her career with Checkered Flag. She has been with the Porsche store since 2014...a dream come true.

Phone: 757.490.1111 Ext. 5490 • Email:

Don Robinson

Don Robinson | Certified Parts Specialist

Don has been with Checkered Flag Porsche since 1999. Born and raised in Virginia Beach frequently would pass by the Porsche Dealership and was amazed at the cars that were on display, and now he gets to enjoy the cars and the customers on an everyday basis.

Phone: 757.490.1111 • Email:

David Cumpston

David Cumpston | Certified Parts Specialist

Dave has been with Checkered Flag since 2000. He has been with the Porsche car line since he started. A native of Hampton roads, he loves his job and loves working in the area.

Phone: 757.490.1111 Ext. 5791 • Email: